Welcome to WeChef! We are dedicated to celebrating and sharing good food – a passion that links people everywhere.

WeChef brings many of your favorite professional chefs into your home through a comprehensive, collaborative internet cookbook. WeChef is an innovative collection of video recipes, techniques and knowledge from a diverse group of skilled chefs. WeChef offers easy access to this information through inventive technology. WeChef strives to be a resource and inspiration for all types of cooks.

WeChef values the inherent relationship between kitchen and culture. We believe that the way food tastes is as important as the community it creates. Meals are experiences that involve more than what is on your plate. Our goal is to inspire people to try new recipes and share the results with others.

WeChef believes in sustainability. We encourage eating locally, seasonally and thoughtfully whenever possible.



Rosanne Cunningham: Founder, CEO
Karsten Gopinath: Vice President, Product Director & Cinematographer
Sante Salvoni: Resident Chef & Creative Director
Sarah Kassler: Editorial Director